Get an idea what we are heading towards to in the coming months!


November 2020
Initial Release

Releasing website, collection management dapp, free pass collectibles, first announcements and social media setup.

December 2020
Farming Dapp & Token Release

Create and manage unlimited farms for your NFT community. Starting to distribute our ERC20 token (NIF).

February 2021
Marketplace Release

Buy & sell NFTs on all supported chains.

March 2021
Presale & Copyright Dapps Release

Create presale auctions as well as copyright evidence for your NFTs.

June 2021
NFT Swap Release

Swap NFTs of similar value on UNIFTY.

Coming Soon™
Polkadot / Moonbeam

Moonbeam support for all Unifty features, utilizing Polkadot (already running on Moonbeam Alpha).