Please read through our FAQ to get answers to most common questions.


What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are representations of collectibles on the blockchain (Ethereum in the case of UNIFTY). NFTs are usually associated with digital art but their use-cases are limitless. NFTs are one of the fastest growing asset classes in the crypto space.

What is UNIFTY's ultimate goal?

UNIFTY is aiming to become the major hub for exchanging, creating, managing and market NFTs and collectibles.

What has been done so far?

UNIFTY just started with the collection manager, the website and first social media announcements. If you are reading this it means you are very early!

What is a collection?

A collection holds many NFTs of the same type. If you have a series of Manga NFTs for example, you would store them in the same collection. Collections at UNIFTY are ERC1155 contracts, the new NFT standard for Ethereum.

Why should I create collections at UNIFTY? I can create NFTs at Rarible and OpenSea already.

Because the collections there aren't yours. For example at Rarible, your NFTs belong to the Rarible collection and aren't technically yours. On the other hand, custom erc155 collections at Unifty are approx. 50% cheaper than custom erc1155 collections at Rarible. If you intend to build a community around your NFTs it is critical that you have full ownership and administrative privileges over all contracts in play. The collections you create at UNIFTY are entirely yours. Additionally, all contracts made with UNIFTY are already verified!

How much do your services cost?

If you are holding NIF or owning one of our Free Pass wildcard collectibles, nothing! If you aren't holding/owning none, a developer fee will apply.

What is planned in the future?

Please check out our Roadmap. To make it quick: we are currently developing a complete toolset for managing NFTs. Phase 1 of the Roadmap will end with the availability of our NFT swapping dapp where everyone will be able to exchange NFTs in a similar fashion to Uniswap.

Will you release a token?

Yes, in fact the token exists already and is called NIF. Our token will play a major role within the UNIFTY ecosystem.

What are the tokenomics of NIF?

In the first step, holding NIF will allow you to use our tools for free and will be finally used to determine NFTs of similar value for our upcoming NFT swapping as well as providing cheaper swap fees.

Symbol: NIF
Total Supply: 5,000,000
Decimals: 18

NIF token contract at Etherscan.io:

1,000,000 $NIF have been initially pooled at Uniswap.
Pool liquidity locked with Unicrypt.
Team Wallet locked until April 5th, 2021, after that date, the wallet's NIF will be locked in a new contract to automatically distribute it as pool liquidity based on the project's net income.