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No virgin Apes

Degenr Apes 🦍

Degenr Apes 🦍 is a art NFT collection consisting of 100 unique art pieces, stored on the Binance SmartChain as NFTs. The Degenr Apes 🦍 collection is completely handmade and all apes are unique!

During the initial weeks of distribution of the artworks, you will be able to farm 30 of the 100 artworks! After that the rest will be sold.

There would also be an option to get physical copies of your artwork This will be done by request.

Get your Degenr Ape 🦍

30 NFTs 35 NFTs 15 NFTs 10 NFTs 6 NFTs 3 NFTs 1 NFT
Farming Rewards 75000 185000 296000 370000 3663000 4107000

What is your APE made of?

Every DEGENR-APE can have over 5 unique traits. Each of the 100 NFTs is therefore unique. And you can have your Artwork in your Wallet and in your Home.

Full Ownership

Full ownership comes with holding the NFT. Including the ability to request physical artworks

Multi Dimension

Multi dimensional Collectibles with the ability to project Image and Sound

Unique and Rare

All artworks are 1/1, you will be the only owner of any NFT you purchase or earn

NFT Smart Contract

Managing the capped 100 unique DEGENR APES

Digital and physical

Get a physical copy of your DEGENR APES on request

Your have the art

Given the ability to request a physical copy of your APE, it is more than just a JPEG.

Get your DGENR-APE